Connection unites us all

The mighty Redwoods stand tall and powerful. What most people don’t know is that they have a very small root system. The branch canopy of the tree is drastically smaller in  relation to the height of the tree. Some would go so far to say its roots are not big enough to hold its self up. Standing alone, yes it would probably topple over at the first big wind storm it encounters because the tree is incredibly top heavy. So then how can these trees be old enough to live since Christ walked the earth? A saying I have heard a 1000 times seem fitting, “we can do together what we can not do alone.” See the trees work together to hold each other up.  These trees are able to live the length of 2000+ years because they rely on each other to survive. The root system of these massive trees is shallow and not very big and the tree roots over lap each other to form a mat of interwoven support for one another. Holding each other up. Instinctually relying on the tree next to it to stay standing. They don’t ask for permission. They lean into each other because they know that is what they were created to do. 
This is how humanity was intended to survive. We were created to lay roots next to each other for our own bond and survival.
As I walk through a forest of these amazing Giants I am reminded that sometimes in nature I see the reminders of what creation could look like based on God instinct with out the influence of the human fear. I looked up and I see a canopy of 5 or 6 trees over lapping each other. What struck me was that what i was looking up at was also under my feet. A system of support and a bond for survival. 
Through the highs and lows of this journey of mine I have over lapped my self with others in order to stay standing. Years of practice to stay connected and in touch has enabled me to build a system of support in order to survive the storms of a harsh times in life. I find connection to God in the woods the most. I have since I was little. Always left in awe at the incredible vastness of my Creator. My heart races to think of all the things I have yet to learn from this amazing school yard of mine.
Today as I reflect on the moment standing underneath such power, strength, protection, solid ground… I thank God for the people who are in my circle of support, the people who are praying and the people who have no idea what is happening… they treat me as just another face in the crowd. 

I see a forest of beating hearts and over lapping connections. So now more then ever I look to my God who shows up through people and say ” Thank you for places like this in my life even though its not my plan, for the people in my life and to think I could have missed it all. Thanks for not letting me.” I rest today in the presence of a mighty God whom i do not understand and yet He is my Refuge….. my Rock… my Strong Tower….. my Deliverer.