This amateur runner needed a village to find my way.

Being a mom of two little rascals having an inspirational thought is challenging and down right impossible. Every now and then God speaks louder then the short ones in my home are yelling. As I’m reading about the importance of slogans in the program from the Grapevine (AA’s meeting in print) I hear loud and clear that I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to running. I know how to hike. Took a lot of patience and explaining from my husband mostly but I got it and now love it.

So when I am thinking about running I realize the first place to start is shoes. Humbled to have to ask someone who appears to know more about it then me I tapped in to a friend. Got clear direction, go to the experts. So I went to the shoe store and talked to a young lady who im sure was at least 10 years younger then me. Her head was shaved and I’m 100% positive she has never had a baby. However I have been taught to “look for similarities and not the differences.”

Thus was the begining of our short friendship. She knew WAY! more then me about running. I was glad to listen to her feed back and input. She did have some questions for me though.

What kind of runner am I? she asked, I’m the kind that goes faster then when I’m walking.

Do you have a heavy healed stride? If you mean does my feet touch the ground and then leave it? Then yes.

Are you a distance runner? If by distance you mean when my coaching app says run and I run and then says stop then yeah I’m a distance runner.

As it came time to make a choice for shoes I picked the ones that make me feel like an 80 year old man. But they are so comfortable. My husband has reassured me they do not look like old man shoes.

So what do i take from all this? Ask the question, tap in to the resource of people who appear to know more then you do and look for the similarities and not the differences. My new friend at the shoe store was helpful and had a lot of guidance. Because I was raised in the program to listen I did. I wish I would have taken her picture so I can show you just how different we are from each other and yet how many similarities we have.

I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. I wore my new shoes around the house. I took a picture of them. I feel proud. This my friends is what they call an estimable act. If I want something different I need to do something different.